5-Step Formula to Finishing Biographical Essays


Are you writing a biography essay for your literature class? But you do not have an idea how to start, build it or even how to finish it. Don’t panic. It’s a normal reaction for first-timers. But it is not a license for you to pass an incomplete essay or a senseless output. Read on and learn the 5 C’s to finish a biographical essay.

1. Conduct a research.
2. Create an outline.
3. Choose the highlights of the person’s life.
4. Conclude creatively.
5. Check your grammar.

Conduct a research. You can’t write about someone without knowing anything about him or her. It is important that you have known of his life- from his birth up to his current life. It would be an advantage to know his family and educational background.

Create an outline. Making an outline will make your life easier. When you have an outline, you will be able to organize your ideas. There will be logic and coherence in your essays.

Choose the highlights of the person’s life. Though a biographical essay should be about a person’s life, it does not necessarily mean that you will tell everything about him or her. It is enough that you discuss only the highlights of his life. It may be his married life, his oath taking as a lawyer, or when he has entered the world of politics.

Conclude creatively. With all the details that you have presented to the readers, it is time to go beyond being serious and show your creative side as a writer.

Check your grammar. It is a mortal sin not to check and proofread your essay. Your work must be almost 100% free from grammar mistakes, misspellings, and other common essay errors.

Just remember these 5 C’s and you’ll definitely have a good biographical essay.


How to Come Up with a Distinct Photo Essay

Journalism + Art = Photo Essay

An essay is not just limited to words but also to images. This is what you call a “photo essay”.

A photo essay can either be narrative or thematic. The former narrates a story through a sequence of actions or events while the latter may stick to a particular theme such as poverty, education, or homelessness.

If it will be your first time to create a photo essay, here are some tips that will make your output distinct from others:

Pick a theme. Choose a topic, subject, or theme that you really want to discuss through the use of photos. It can be something that is close to your heart or any issue in the society that you want people to be aware of.

Take pictures and select. Once you have selected your theme, it is time to practice and take pictures. Do not hesitate to get pictures especially if it is your first time to do it. Take note that your pictures should be relevant to your theme. For instance, your theme is homelessness. You can take pictures of families living on the streets and other places.

Arrange your photos and make a sequence. This is the most critical part of making a photo essay. You have to make a wise decision in choosing the best photos. Photo essays are usually made up of 6-8 photos and from these images, you have to come up with a good story.

Photo essays are a wonderful exercise of your art and writing skills. Do this regularly and your skills in both areas will definitely be enhanced. To know more tips about photo essay, you may visit essays.mightystudents.com.

3 iPad Apps for Essay Writing

More than an entertainment tool, your iPad can be your bestfriend in writing.

Enough of Temple Run, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest. It’s time to download, install, and use iPad apps for essay writing. Here are 3 iPad apps that can be of great use to you.


  • This application is available in several languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Thai. It costs $9.99 but it’s all worth it as it is one of the most beautiful word processors on a mobile device. Using this app will enable you to create, edit, and view documents wherever you are. This app is ideal for creating reports, flyers, letters, posters, and the like.


  • This application is available in 10 languages- English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. It costs $19.99. Quite expensive, right? But, what’s good about having this app is you can work anywhere and anytime- online and offline. Quickoffice Pro HD allows you to create and edit all Microsoft® Office document, spreadsheet, and presentation formats. So, it’s like you’re having your PC on your iPad. Cool, isn’t it?


  • This application is available in English and costs HK$ 38.00. Having this app on your iPad will make your essay writing easy. You do not have to work on your essays from multiple computers; you can simply rely on your iPad. In fact, My Writing Spot has been featured in the book “Incredible iPad apps for Dummies” by Wiley Publications. This app is simply the best for working on your writing assignments.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your iPad and connect to the Apps store.

How To Write Error-Free Essays?

Do you want to get a grade of “A” or a score of 100 in your essay? Then, you must make sure that your essay is error-free. Is it possible? Yes, definitely!

The less errors your essay has, the more chances of having a perfect grade. Professors are impressed when they do not see any error, not a single one in your spelling, use of punctuation marks, paragraphs, and so on. That’s why if you will make sure that your essay samples and final papers are completely free from errors, you are guaranteed of a good grade.

So, how are you going to ensure that your essay is 100% clean and free from errors? 

  • First, read your essay several times. Doing this will make you notice if you have misspelled a word, misused a punctuation mark, or committed other mistakes. You must observe every word, sentence, and paragraph of your essay and detect if there are errors to correct.
  • Second, read your essay aloud. Once you have made the necessary proofreading and revisions, it is best to read the modified essay aloud. This is to test how your essay sounds. Is it good to the ears or not.
  • Third, type your essay again with the revisions and changes included. To make sure that is free from misspellings, just make use of the word processor’s spell check. Likewise, there are some online tools which check the sentence structure and grammar.

Just remember these three things and do your best to have 100% error-free essays.

How To Write An Essay Conclusion

A strong and firm conclusion to an essay can make a reader smile, laugh, cry, or get mad.

Every beginning has an end. An introduction likewise needs a conclusion. You cannot just submit your essay without writing its conclusion. If you do, your grade will be incomplete as well.

Writing the conclusion of your essay has to be done perfectly. While a good introduction can invite a reader to read the rest of your work, a good conclusion can leave a lasting impression to a reader.

How to write an essay conclusion, then?

When you are already on this part, you might already feel tired after composing the introduction and body. This, however, should not be your mood. Instead, you still need to have that same energy when you started writing. Take note that your conclusion is your last chance to deliver your message to the reader and your last chance, as well, to convince him or her.

Your conclusion is actually just a summary of your findings, feelings, or arguments made in the body. However, it is the ending that can either make or break you, depending on how you construct it. So, if I were you, save the best for last.

Here is a tip. Do not make the conclusion of your sample essay too long. The shorter, the better. Your readers had enough of your introduction and body. It is time to put an end to all the stories you have told. Just make sure that it is not a tragic ending on your part.

How To Write An Essay Outline

Coherence is one of the important elements in an essay. It is very important that when it is lacking on an essay, the latter will no longer be interesting to read.

Coherence, as defined in dictionary.reference.com,means the property of unity in a written text or a segment of spoken discourse that stems from the links among its underlying ideas and from the logical organization and development of its thematic content.

Coherence, however, is only achieved if your ideas, thoughts, and information are organized. And this can only be done if you have an outline.

An essay online is certainly a tool to achieve coherence.

Here is an example an essay outline from essays.mightystudents.com.

I. Introduction
II. Background Information
1. Present Status of Facebook
a. Number of Members
i. worldwide
ii. regional
2. Origin of Facebook
a. Founders of Facebook
b. Progress/Evolution
III. Effects of Facebook
1. To Students
a. study habits
b. social behavior
2. To Professionals
a. working habits
b. social interaction
IV. Conclusion

This is just a simple outline. If you can observe, the outline is divided into its major sections and below each are the supporting details and information.

Try doing this before writing your actual essay and for sure, essay writing will be fun!

Can Energy Drink Really Help In Dissertation Writing

Feeling exhausted? Worn out because of writing your dissertation? Perhaps, you just need some energy and all you need is an energy drink.

Any person will automatically get tired after a whole day or an entire week of thinking, writing, and researching. The bottom line is you will no longer have enough energy to continue your work and that could be a trouble.

But there’s no longer need to worry because an energy drink can help you and make you alive.

What is an energy drink?

Energy drinks are no longer new products in the market but their popularity has grown nowadays since many people especially students and professionals have been taking advantage of the various benefits these drinks provide.

Just like an ordinary soft drink, an energy drink also contains 50 to 100 milligrams of caffeine per serving. But what makes energy drink distinct from soft drinks or beverages?

  • Energy drinks can increase your energy. As its name suggests, it is a drink that is supposed to give energy to the drinker. So, if you are about to run out of energy but you still need to do your task and that is writing dissertation, then an energy drink may be the solution to your problem.
  • Energy drinks can reduce fatigue. For sure, you have been stressed because of deadlines, submissions, and revisions of your paper and most probably, you have been experiencing fatigue. Drinking an energy drink can help you revive your energy and get rid of this uncomfortable feeling. Energy drinks are known to be stimulators of the body. These can also refresh your mind especially when you still need to study and write.
  • Energy drinks can help you concentrate. These drinks contain vitamins and one of those is Vitamin B12 which can help increase focus and mental functioning.

Increased energy and performance- this is what energy drinks can actually do for you. But actually, there’s more. Recent studies have revealed that energy drinks are good for the heart. Dr. Matteo Cameli of the University of Siena said at the European Society of Cardiology Congress that energy drink can improve mycocardial performance and this is a good news for everyone.

No more energy? Just grab an energy drink and have your energy revived.